A Session Sit-In refers to a non-way of life (vanilla) Grownup Company that would like to spend to quietly and respectfully sit in and observe a Professional Domme interact with her slave/sub and perhaps get notes throughout their session. If the Pro Domme ask for, the non-life style (vanilla) adult supplier may select to participate in the activity, even so this is by Professional Dommes ask for ONLY.
What is a Pro Domme Instruction?

Professional Domme training is a single-on-one time a non-lifestyle (vanilla) adult supplier pays for, to acquire a simple understanding of the fetish or light BDSM activity she would like to participate or discover so she may possibly share this with her clients. The non-life-style (vanilla) grownup supplier shall take notes and respectfully ask queries to an genuine seasoned Professional Domme and with any luck , depart their session with each other a tiny more enlightened. You can also spend time with a Xpurity escort and learn more fro her.
There is no charge to be outlined listed here on my record.

You should do not truly feel threatened. Providers that request a “Session Sit-In or Pro Domme Training” have no need to steal your clientele. Their dominant customer bases are escort hobbyists and occasionally a fetish asks for. Escorts which ask for “Session Sit-In’s or training” are with no a doubt not as knowledgeable as you are and will only focus in fetish and gentle bondage performs at most.
This is a wonderful alternate earnings technique for the seasoned Professional Domme and a fantastic networking prospect for the two the professional-domme and escort provider, as you can refer clientele to every single other every time certain ask for are produced that are outside the house the scope of your solutions. When an escort’s client makes a request that

is exterior of her BDSM/fetish realm, she can simply refer him to the Pro Domme that trained her as this partnership has presently been proven.