No Friending, No Following.

Right now you might be thinking “She can’t be serious!“ Oh, but I am. When you have just met someone or you are in early stages of dating, becoming connected on social media is a minefield of potential disasters.

Ask yourself: how much time, mental and emotional energy have you spent perusing a person’s social media timeline, way back to when they first joined Facebook back in 2008? And how much anxiety has that habit caused you? How many times have you agonized over what a “like” meant, or whether he was sleeping with that woman who he is regularly communicating with via Facebook comment? Why go through so much trouble when you can just get an escort like Melody from The Chicago Escort Service and call it a day? Well, it is your relationship after all.

The current habit of instantly connecting on social media when you meet someone you’re romantically interested in is one that needs to end. Same goes for connecting your Instagram feed to your online dating profile

Don’t Play The Comparison Game

There is actual research about the negative emotional impact of comparing yourself to the happy, shiny lives portrayed by others on social media. The University of Houston conducted a study to discover the link between time spent on Facebook and depression. It turns out that the more people compared their own lives to the lives of their Facebook friends, the more likely they were to experience depression.

This isn’t a surprise – we’ve all had that moment of thinking “Man, he’s on vacation again?? Why can’t I be as happy as they are? And she just had a baby – how does she look that good in a bikini? What’s my excuse?”

In reality, of course there are people who have amazing, happy, fulfilling romantic relationships who share that freely on social media. But there are also a lot of people who are deliberately crafting a social media persona of happy and in love, with a “perfect” family who are, in reality – struggling. You probably know people in real life who are in this position. On social media, it’s all heart emojis and #blessed and in reality their relationship is on the verge of collapse.

Excessively Private

It’s OK to be private on your online networking accounts. Be that as it may, if your better half is excessively private, this could be a warning. In the event that he or she declines to change their FACEBOOK RELATIONSHIP status from single or post any photographs of both of you together anyplace, then that is stating something greater. When you’re amped up for somebody, you need to yell it from the housetops — or for our situation, the Internet. So it can be a notice sign when your life partner doesn’t ever do that. In the event that you need your accomplice to show more online networking PDA, then basically impart that to him or her.

Consideration Seeking Activities

In the event that your accomplice is continually posting selfies left and right, you might need to investigate. Not at the photograph, but rather at the relationship itself. It’s OK to have a couple photographs of yourself all over, yet there is such an incredible concept as one too much. In the event that you feel as though your accomplice is posting photographs of himself or herself to get more consideration, it will make you feel somewhat irregular inside. Your other half ought to feel satisfied inside your relationship, rather than falling back on “preferences” on his or her Instagram pictures FOR A CONFIDENCE BOOST.